About US
In the Name of God, the Compassionate the Merciful
The Supreme Leader`s Representative Office in Hajj and Pilgrimage Affairs is committed to do the following:
- To do whatever it can to facilitate and materialize the Abrahamic Hajj and pilgrimage of the House of God in the best possible manner.
- To carry out cultural and educational programs for pilgrims of the Holy Ka'aba and sacred sites.
-  To establish communication and ties with other countries' religious and scientific circles in regards to common and mutual cooperation.
- To conduct research in subjects pertaining to Hajj and pilgrimage.
- To print and publish books, journals as well as to produce audio and video products.
- To supervise all Hajj related activities and services rendered inside and outside of Iran to pilgrims. 
Imam Sadiq (a.s) says:
 مَن مَاتَ وَلم يحِجَّ حِجَّةَ الإسلامِ؛ لم يمْنَعْهُ مِن ذَلِك حاجَةٌ تُجحِفُ بهِ أَو مَرضٌ لا يُطيقُ فيهِ الحَجَّ أَو سُلطانٌ يمنعُهُ فَلْيمُتْ يَهودِيّاً أو نَصرانِياً.
He who dies before he performs the obligatory Hajj while he was not too needy, too ill, or too persecuted to perform it will die as non-Muslim (i.e. Jewish or Christian).See al-Kafi; vol. 4 p.268 Hadith 1.