President Rouhani: ‘Iran will not bow to any superpower’

Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani , has stressed that Iran will not bow or surrender to any superpower.
According to IRIB World Service, speaking on Tuesday at a gathering of Ashura mourners  in the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Abdol Azeem Hassani , in Shahr Rey in south Tehran, President Rouhani  emphasized that Iran will not  surrender to  any superpower.
Referring to  4th November, (13th Aban on the Iranian calendar) , which has been designated in Iran as the “National Day of fighting Global Arrogance”, President Rouhani  said the Iranian nation  will continue to resist  the arrogant colonialist powers .
He stressed that Iranian nation will defend its lawful rights, and will not bow to any superpower.
In further remarks, President Rouhani said throughout Iran, you can hear only one chant today, and that is “Labaik Ya Imam Hussein (Pbuh)” which means “Yes to Imam Hussein (Pbuh)” or “I answer your call Imam Hussein (Pbuh)”.