Iranian Expert Lauds High Level of Russia Int’l Quran Contest

TEHRAN (IQNA) – Iranian Quran Master Abbas Emamjome hailed the high level of performance by contenders in the ongoing international Quran competition in Russia.
Emamjome, who is a member of the competition’s panel of judges, told IQNA that representatives of Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Yemen, Bahrain, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Morocco presented good and professional recitation at the contest.
He noted that the 17th edition of Russia’s international Quran competition, which began in Moscow on Thursday, is held only in the category of recitation.
Some 30 countries are taking part in the Quranic event, organized by Russia’s Council of Muftis in cooperation with Moscow Governor General’s office.
As well as Emamjome, Quranic figures from Bahrain, Morocco, Turkey, and Russia are members of the panel of judges.
Iran’s representative in the contest is Mehdi Saed.
Born in 1981 in the city of Hamedan, Saed has won several top titles in Iran’s national Quran contests in recent years.
He has also previously represented the country in Indonesia’s international Quran competition.