the most important confilict of the Qur'an and the Gospel of Matthew,effort to peace

The topic of this research is to consider the most important conflicts between Quran and Gospel of Matthew
This book by bashir salimi has two primary season:
In the first season it is intended to introduce the four official bibles accepted in Christianity. In this vision has got an overlook over the criticism of these four bibles and the procedure of their ratification.
In the second season which has got four parts,is going through four major conflicts between the Mathew and Quran listed below:
1.    Trinity
2.    Jesus drinking wine
3.    Miracles of apostles
4.    Crucifixion
In this research there has been no previous subjectivity and the author has got an impartial position and eventually a solution for peace is extended with open hands.
In Christianity there are two theologies: one is about synoptic Gospels and the other one considersGospel of John and Paul’s(the apostle) dissertations.
Belief in synoptic Gospels is approximately close to Quran’s but of course there are some conflicts between them in contrast of this closeness of opinion.  
The goal of this research to some extend is to enlighten this matter and to approximate theological discourse of these two religions.And this matter according to civilization’s dialogue is truly reinforced.
Author contends that with this book there is a marvelous possibility of approaching these two religions in the context of the fundamental principles of the theory will be provided.
To the then it was necessary to extend some explanation of two key words of this study:  
What is annexed through the whole dialogues of this research is from the archeological point of view, specially about the topic of swastika.
 At the end we have taken a look over following verses  about Jesus resurrection according to Islamic interpretations and the differences between them.