US and Israel sources of animosity against Islam

Ayatollah Khamenei’s speech on the occasion of Eid al-Maba’th
On the occasion of the magnificent Eid al-Maba’th, the anniversary of the ordainment of the last prophet, Muhammad al-Mustafa (Peace Be Upon Him), the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei met with the establishment’s officials, people from all walks of life and the ambassadors of Muslim countries. The Leader described Mab’ath (ordainment) as a celestial, eternal and transformative agenda for the entire human community and pointed to the necessity of resistance emerging from Islamic teachings against enemies and global bullies, adding, “Through their participation in the elections ahead, the nation will disappoint the enemies of Iran and Islam and it is also imperative that the honorable candidates promise the people not to set their sights outside the borders for the progress of the country and untying the knots.”
Congratulating the beloved Iranian nation and all the world Muslims, Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated, “The ordainment of the last prophet took place in a world drowned in darkness, ignorance, oppression and arrogance and through invitation to light, namely the formation of a rule reliant on justice, fairness, unity and resistance against oppression, the dear Prophet of Islam showed that the agenda of  Be’that can be implemented in all human societies and in all eras and can become the foundation for the formation of the largest human civilization.”
Highlighting humanity’s deep need today for the agenda of Be’that, the Leader described as very important the knowledge of the denotation and connotation of ordainment by the general public, adding, “After the establishment of the Islamic Republic, where a drip of the essence of the Prophet’s rule manifested itself, the enemies of humanity, earnestly put hostility and combat against the source of this massive movement, namely Islam, on their agenda.” 
Ayatollah Khamenei enumerated “the unique ability of Islam in raising and flourishing human communities, the capacity to simultaneously shape material and spiritual civilization, and the power of Islam in countering oppression and aggression” as the main reasons for the enmity of the arrogant powers toward the enlightening religion of Islam.”
Ayatollah Khamenei added, “The formation of terrorist groups in the name of Islam and sowing discord in such Muslim countries as Iraq, Syria, Bahrain and Yemen are some of the plots of the oppressive US [government] and the evil Zionist regime aimed at countering Islam.”
The Leader of the Revolution reiterated, “Of course, some global oppressors are more hostile toward the Islamic Republic than they are toward other Muslim countries, but their main issue is Islam and this is a reality, which all Muslims must understand.”
Ayatollah Khamenei cited the recognition of the reason for the enmity of arrogant powers toward Islam as the responsibility of all officials in Muslim countries, saying, “Muslim governments must understand that the objective of the US in its companionship with one Muslim country and enmity toward another is blocking unity in the Muslim world and creating obstacles in the path of a common understanding among Muslims about the interests of the Islamic communities.”
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution expressed regret over the success of divisive US policies in the region, adding, “The looters have their hands in the pockets of some of the regional countries and to be able to continue this, they represent the Islamic Republic of Iran or Shia Islam as the enemies of those countries, but we should all understand the point that unity and resistance against bullies is the path to progress for the Muslim world.”
Ayatollah Khamenei described the resolution and determination of the Iranian nation in countering bullying as solid and unwavering, stressing, “The entire revolutionary and faithful nation, youth and people are standing against the arrogant powers and if in any country this resistance emerges from the ordainment of the Prophet, the enemies cannot carry out aggression or do any damn thing.”
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution cited the nation’s “faith, unity and presence on the scene,” as the source for courage and resistance of the Islamic Republic and stressed, “Participation in the upcoming elections is one of the important manifestations of the vibrant presence of the people on the scene.”
Pointing to the various aspects of elections, the Leader said, “Participation in elections in the Islamic establishment, is the duty of the people and the manifestation of their “status, right and might” in shaping the executive leadership of the state and furthermore, the integrated resistance of the nation will strip the enemy of its audacity and its mobilization and aggressive capabilities.”
The Leader of the Islamic Revolution described the common and threatening policies of all current and former US officials in opposition to the Iranian nation, as a sign of the malicious intent in all American political currents, adding, “The Americans have done everything in their power at all times to deal blows to Iran, but everyone must know that any aggression against the Iranian nation, will undoubtedly end up to the aggressor’s own detriment, because the reaction from the Iranian nation against such a move will be solid.”
Ayatollah Khamenei described as better than before the future of the Iranian people with the grace of God and under the auspices of the nation’s faith and resistance, stressing, “This ‘faith, unity, resistance, and presence on the scene’ must be preserved and through using internal capabilities and capacities and prudent planning, the internal structure of the establishment must be consolidated such that the enemy would lose hope with its plots and renounce its hostility.”
At the conclusion of his remarks, the Leader of the Revolution urged the election candidates to make one promise to the people in their campaigns and agendas, “That they would not look outside the borders for the progress of the country and economic development and untying the knots but instead set their sights on the abilities of the nation and the capacities of the country.”
Prior to the remarks by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, the president described Mab’ath as the opening of the final divine message for humanity, saying, “Through his ordainment, the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) placed people on the path of brotherhood and justice.”
The president noted that the Islamic world is plagued by violence, terrorism, Takfirism, instability and insecurity, adding, “Today we are in need of listening to the message of the ordainment of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) more than ever and all efforts should be summoned so that Muslim countries are relieved of woes and insecurity.”