Bahrain’s religious scholars call on Manama to cancel death sentences against civilians

Bahrain’s religious scholars called on Manama to annul Monday’s verdict by the kingdom’s military court, which sentenced six civilians to death.
The religious body also demanded that the regime stop trying civilians before military court – a practice made possible by a constitutional amendment passed in April of this year.
The scholars also condemned the verdict, which they described as a violation of international and domestic laws.
“This is a very serious precedent, and it will lead to an escalation of the level of tension and reactions in the country. More injustice will not do good for the country,” a statement issued by the scholars reads.
Out of the 18 civilians tried in the case, 13 were found guilty and the remaining 5 acquitted.
Aside from the death sentences, the court also handed down lengthy prison terms and revoked the citizenship of those convicted.