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Supreme Leader's Annual Hajj Messages 1997

n the Name of Allah the All Beneficent, the Most Merciful
All praise belong to Allah the Lord of all beings and may blessings and peace be upon Muhammed, our Master, and his immaculate Progeny God, the All Wise, has said, 
" And remember when we made the House a place of homecoming for the people and sanctuary (declaring) ; Take the venue of prayer from the station of Abraham. And we charged Abraham and Ismail (saying): Purify My House from those who circle it, for those who stay there in confinement and those who bow and prostrate." (2:125)
These days yet again the House of God is a host to mighty caravan of eager and enthusiastic hearts which have gathered around the Kaaba of hope from all over the world. Of the millions who shelter under the sincere servitude of the One Lord, cherish a feeling of solidarity and belonging to a unified society. Of the eyes, which are full of tears of rose water that washes the ground on which, the Prophet (pbuh), his Progeny (pbut), Awliya of God (pbut), worriers and the illustrious sons of Islam have walked. Of the souls that receive light and purity from the spiritual effulgence of the sacred Bayt Allah and the shrine of Muhammed al Mustafa (pbuh) and on his Progeny. Of the hands raised in supplication, sending forth swarms of plea and request towards the court of the One Who is without needs and of the concerned who seek the cure at the Healer's door from the chronic ailments of the Muslim world. There they find fellow sufferers and sympathisers from every race, colour and language from every part of the world. Those who having felt weak and lonely, now find power and majesty in that place.
Yes these are the days of festival and homecoming for the Islamic world and the Muslim Ummah. It is fitting that throughout the world, Muslims and in particular the pilgrims of the Sacred House of Allah should devote these hours and moments to worship a contemplation. Those who have been blessed with this precious opportunity to perform Hajj and visit the Prophet's shrine this year, may return to their home with hands full of Gods blessings and Divine Wisdom. Or even with renewed determination and resolve about one's own future and that of the Islamic Ummah. Among the religious obligatory duties of Muslims, Hajj is that biggest duty which brings together both the individual and social components.
In the individual aspect, the aim is of self-purification and acquiring the Inner Light and purity. Furthermore, being detached from all irrelevant materialistic attractions by retreating into the solitude of one's spiritual self and intimacy with God the Exalted through consistent remembrance and recourse in Him with total subservience. So much so that man may be able to find that divine straight Path which leads to perfection and wonder around in it.
In this area, the opportunities as well as test are so numerous that if one passes through them with caution and care, then undoubtedly it would be an invaluable achievement. The opportunities provided by Ihram and Talbiyah, by Tawaf and Salaat, by Sa'y and Harwalah, by the stay in Srafat and Mash'ar, by Ramy and the sacrifice and by the remembrance of God, altogether produces an environment loaded with spirit and life in all these stages. All these opportunities can provide an individual with a short course in religious discipline and practice in self-restrain (Zuhr), forbearance, gentleness and other acceptable virtues. 
Within the social aspect, Hajj is unique among all the Islamic obligations. This is because it is the manifestation of the prestige, power and the solidarity of the Islamic Ummah. No other religious duty teaches every single Muslim about the affairs of the Islamic Ummah and the Muslim world. Nor do they bring every single Muslim morally and truly together into a collective power, prestige and unity. To remove this aspect of Hajj amounts to depriving the Muslims of the spring of self-respect for the Muslims which cannot be derived as through other means.
National strength is the key to all forms of success for every society and it is necessary in attaining a complete natural life. 'National power' means that the society and country should possess ethical and scientific qualities along with material resources, a sound political system and a general will and determination. Its a fact that if a powerful society is devoid of proper guidance, supervision and implementation of justice then that very material resources and science will lead it towards self destruction. Its will and morality gets wasted and is directed onto a course of degeneration. This is what we observe today in the case of United States and some other countries. However due to the lack of these capabilities and factors of power, countries become readily prone to the evils of moral and political decay. Thereby depriving nations of the present and the Hereafter and all that of science and morality. That is why the political and social teachings of Islam are all orientated towards attainment of power and leadership in moral, scientific, political, spiritual and material spheres by Islamic nations. Furthermore, all national leaders, who are alert, attempt to employ every resources and opportunity to make their nations powerful. 
The huge Islamic nation, despite of its number and resources, lacks the power and prestige on the international arena. How can it be possible for it to obtain power and prestige that it rightfully deserves? Every single Muslims and in particular the rulers and statements of Islamic countries and the Muslim 'Ulama, intellectuals and personalities must keep this question in their minds and try to find an answer for it.
Today the largest part of the world's oil resources, which, without any exaggeration, forms the bloodline of the present world civilisation, exists in Muslim countries. World's most sensitive strategic points are under the control of Muslims. A major part of mineral resources needed by the world for its present and future lies in these countries. One-fifth of the whole population belongs to them. The biggest markets for the products of the countries, which impose their hegemony upon Muslims, are in their hands. Their rich and original culture, sciences and teachings taught the West how to take those first steps in acquiring the present peak, which exists in the world's scientific achievements. This provided the Western culture with a true existence. In spite of it all, today, on the international arena and in the general political process, Muslims do not have any say in decision making on major world issues and in defining the system of international relations. Worst still, unfortunately, many Islamic countries are subservient in planning their national policies to one or several imperialist powers because their governments are weak puppets and their nations are victims of repression and inferiority complexes. While their 'ullama and intellectuals are subjected to fear, indifference and love for comfort. As a result, their resources go to a waste and their political affairs are directed by the imperialist powers. The great Islamic Ummah, which should employ all its potentials to realise its power and prestige, is deprived of so much of the leverage of its population and resource. These are in turn used against Islam and the Muslims by the enemies. 
It is observed that the present predicaments of the Islamic world and the tragic events make life a bitter burden for millions of Muslims in different parts of the world. The unfortunate tragedy of Palestine has no parallel in present day history. The historical catastrophe of Muslims in the Balkans, the plight of Kashmir and Afghanistan, the explosive situation in the Persian Gulf, the state of Muslim minorities in some European countries are all eloquent testimonies to this bitter fact.
In recent weeks the Islamic world has been a witness to two consecutive vetoes by the United States government of the condemnation of Zionist regimes by UN security Council for the destruction of Muslim homes in the eastern quarters of Baytul Muqaddas. This is the same United States, which derives a large part of its political and financial strength from the existence of Muslim Arab countries. The governments of these countries make open advances of friendship and respect towards her and offer her their wealth and even parts of their territories. Why is it that in return for these friendly terms, the United States is not ready, even for once, to heed to their wishes on the issue of Palestine? Without doubt, no Arab and Muslim statesman can remain indifferent or fail to be enraged by the recent aggression of the Zionist regime. These replicate the continuous crimes of that regime which had been perpetrated throughout the last fifty years and which have even violates the terms of the so-called peace agreement of recent years. Why does the long standing friendship and loyalty of Arab statesmen towards the United States fail to make the slightest impact on the daily escalating US support of the usurper regime? It's a fact that the present government of more subservient to the Zionist that was the preceding government, but when if ever, has a successive US governments considered their Arab friends equal to their Zionist sibling or taken even once, any measures that might displease the Zionist usurpers?
There are many lamentable issues involved in this matter. The tale of the neglect and on occasion's absolute treachery by insiders and the ultimate arrogance and obscenity by outsiders and enemies is not something, which can be told in this belief discourse. What I will say is that the enemy's wrongdoing is due to the lack of enthusiasm of our front line in making full use of all its power and potentials and employing the capabilities its population and resources to encounter the enemies. The greatest reserve of the Islamic world is the huge Islamic ummah and the Muslim nations. Its thunderous protest arising from its unity, concord, mutual understanding coupled with the intellectual potentials, manpower and God given resources can deafen the ears of any imperialist power and send tremors into the hearts and compell it into submission.
Hajj highlights a manifestation and an example of this great and inexhaustible reserve before our eyes. It is here that the real significance of the declaration of bara'ah (with Mushrikeen) in Hajj becomes clear and that is how the collective cry of Muslims in declaring Bara'ah with the Mushrikeen breathes life into Hajj and gives it meaning and content.
Now, how can any Muslim have any doubt about the importance of the words of wisdom which declare, "A Hajj without the Bara'ar is no Hajj."
The Muslim nations should know that if they are united God shall be with them and God is more powerful than any potent phenomena in the material world. Muslim governments should know that their people are their strongest bastion in confrontation with aggressive, greedy and merciless predatory alien powers. If the powers are given ground and relied upon, and if they are treated with honesty and sincerity, then the government will come to enjoy power. Such that they would not need to be afraid of any enemy in battle nor stand in need of any alien power in public life and development.
It is with the blessing of this harmony that the government and the people of Iran have, trusting God, stood their ground against the arm twisting tactics of the United States, unshaken by their repeated threats. Confident of their rightful stance, they feel so strong that they see their future as bright, their path as clear and find their hearts to be full of confidence and hope, despite the pressures that are brought upon them on all sides by imperial stooges.
Dear brothers and sisters from all over the world! Utilise the precious opportunity provided by the great concourse of Hajj and strengthen the bonds of love and understanding of yourselves. Get acquainted with the destiny of one another and learn from each other's experience. Learn the secrets of the steadfastness and fortitude of the Islamic Republic and the great Iranian people. 
Proclaim loudly during Hajj your unity and solidarity. Declare vigorously your animosity to arrogance, injustice and hypocrisy. Summon your 'ullama, intellectuals and political and renounced personalities to exchange views. Show your support for the oppressed people of Palestine and make the enemies hear your demands concerning the problems of Palestine.
Contrary to the biased propaganda of the enemies, the people of Iran consider Hajj a high platform for the growth of awakening of the Muslim Ummah. The seek to utilise their presence for the benefit of the whole Muslim world not merely their own interests. The Iranian people possess an experience that can be greatly valuable for all Islamic countries. With the blessing of the sovereignty of Islam this great nation has been able to recover and keep its political, economical and cultural independence. That which had been totally lost during the era of Taghut. Thereby revealing the greatness and glory of Islam in encountering global issues. She has successfully defended her frontiers against several years of aggression carried out by military, financial and psychological means in the hands of the enemies of Islam. After eight years of war she has managed to rebuild herself and thereby displayed the miracle of the revolution in rebuilding the country's infrastructure. She has also succeeded in obtaining a high and prestigious position on the international arena. She has elected several consecutive governments to administer affairs of the country within the spheres of scientific, research, industrial and agricultural developments. This has made freat dvancements hn the country's development.
In foreign policy, Iran has boldly defended the position she considers right. The issue of Palestine is considered in it as the most important problem in the Islamic world despite the wishes of United States and the Zionists to try and cast it into oblivion. She has used every opportunity to keep this issue constantly alive every opportunity is taken in assisting the oppressed Bosnian people and always there is a helping hand for Muslim nations who are facing ordeals. These policies are pursued and firmness Is demonstrated despite the daily escalation nf pressure from imperialists and constant treats from America. This is n experience that is valuable for all Muslim nations and states.
In all sincerity, I extend my hand of friendship towards all Muslim states and welcome their co-operation and mutual understanding in solving the problems of the Islamic world. It is my humble advice to all Muslim nations that they should realise the relevance of yourself and Islam and the luminous precepts of the Quran.
The great lessons taught to us by our respected Imam, the late Imam Khomeini, May God be pleased with him, was that of returning to one's origins and returning to Islam. Thereby realising our own importance and that of our enormous spiritual reserves. The Iranian people have found the path of felicity by putting this lesson into practice. They have covered several stages of this path and have continued to march ahead. There is no other path of prosperity for other nations except this one.
If this was to happen then the usurper Zionist regime will not be able to resist the power of the Islamic Ummah. Likewise, the United States would not dare anymore consider the destiny of the people of Palestine as a joke and make a laughing stock of the Arab states.
Should this happen, the Arab states will not find themselves compelled, contrary to justice and fact, to disregard the people of Palestine or consider the Palestinian problem as being irrelevant. Thereby allowing the Zionist access to Arab societies by establishing political and economic relations with the usurper and aggressor regime and lifting the siege which could so easily strangle the Zionist regime in the course of time.
We have no doubt that in the very near future with the sacrifice and awareness of the Muslim world, the people of Palestine will ultimately recover their usurped rights. They will expel the alien aggressors and oppressors from their homeland. However, it will be the will and the determination of the Muslim states and nations, with the grace of God that would expedite this process and lessen the ordeals.
In concluding, I would like to invite all the dear pilgrims to make full use of this precious opportunity of Hajj for their personal spiritual development and to build their collective future. I hope that they will remember all the Muslims of the world in their prayers and particularly those who are victims of bitter events and ordeals of life. Furthermore, please do not forget me, a mere servant of God in your supplications.
May peace and God's blessings be upon the Imam of the time and may Allah, the Exalted, expedite in his appearance by removing all obstacles.
Ali al Husayni al Khamene'i
2nd Dhu al Hijjah 1417, 21 Farvardeen 1376, 08 April 1997
Was-salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.