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Supreme Leader's Annual Hajj Messages 1999

In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Praise be to God, the lord of all the world and salutation and peace be upon his trusted, noble messenger, and his immaculate progeny and chosen companions. once again the memorable days of Hajj are with us and the divine caller is summoning the eager souls of the faithful towards the mecca of all hopes, bringing some fortunate souls together from every corner of the world for an assembly at a blessed sanctuary which has witnessed abraham's (peace be upon him) call to unity and mohammad's (may peace be upon him and his posterity) call to Islam. it is an auspicious occasion for the elect pilgrim of the great and singular Islamic ummah to take a searching look at its ways to rectitude and salvation, and to discern the truth manifested at this universal congregation divorced from the walls of ethnic, racial or linguistic prejudices. amongst many great lessons that may be drawn from such a contemplation and introspection, two stand out more conspicuously: a) the wealth of treasures and bountiful assets possessed by the Islamic ummah, on the one hand and b) the extreme dangers threatening this immense trove of treasures on the other. This bountiful asset and wealth of treasures of the Islamic ummah encompasses the Islamic ideology, its explicit teachings and clear-cut instructions, and its solemn wholesome, comprehensive injunction for man's life.
Islam is inviting each and every member of the human races to cleanse oneself from all evil and every weakness, meanness and impurity inwardly through the presention of a wise and profound perception of man and universe, advocation of pure monotheism, sound ethical and spiritual teachings, establishment of all-embracing social and political norms and individual and people's observance of divine obligations and practices in order to illuminate his soul with the radiance of faith, purity, detachment, sincerity, love, hope and happiness and also to purge his external world from all vestiges of poverty, ignorance, discrimination, backwardness, inertia, oppression, imposition, humiliation and deceipt. in order to provide for the desired, happy life of humankind, it is necessary, even inevitable, for man to benefit from moral values that cleanses him from evils and abominable deeds.
through collective action and endeavors in social arenas his determination is fortified to help him stand and guard against inevitable nature and the guardians of oppressive and arrogant regimes. Islam helps man to provide for himself a truly blissful life and guides him to the straight path of God, by defining the meaning of life and existence, and showing the right direction. all Islamic injunctions, laws, codes, norms inclusive of all of its principal guidelines in political, economic and social areas together with its individual, devotional obligations are complementary parts of one prescription leading to a tranquil and blissful life for humanity. and immortal rites at the congregation of Hajj are in fact the the true symbols of fusion of the spiritual transcendance and inner sublimity of muslims that has been nurtured through their harmonious, coordinated, collective efforts. The pilgrimage with its magnificient mysterious mystical rites, is a blend of glory, might, humility, humbleness, and expression of both internal and external jihad of purification of deeds.
it is the continuous struggle in subjugating the inner man in the process of true purification of the soul and that of his outer world that prepares the pilgrim for the greater tasks that lay ahead of him. today many communities have sunk into the quagmire of spiritual vacuity, bewilderment and aimlessness that has trapped them into endless difficulties and conflicts. individuals in the society are caught in world materialist and power maze. they are in dire need of Islamic ideology, teaching and guidance. a call to Islam, therefore is captivating, hope-inducing, and impelling not only to the nations burning in the flames of poverty, deprivity and impotency, but probably more so to the people in the wealthier, industrialized countries who are perpetually deeply entrapped in the mires of spiritual vacuity, bewilderment and nothingness. according to available research, the ever-growing tendency of the people in these advanced, western countries towards Islam especially among their younger generations who are frustrated with the vacuity of their material world is a great indicator of the spiritual trend of growth.
precise recognition and proper appreciation of the bountiful assets and wealth of treasures of the world of muslims, muslims will be made capable of bringing about real transformation in their community and help rescue muslim nations from the current impotency, dependence, backwardness and denudation. once upon a time as a consequence of certain deviasive thoughts and ill-intentions of the enmities, Islam was made to appear that it could only be practiced within the four walls of the mosques and minbars (preaching platforms) and that it was valuable in the matters related to private life and purification of individual's inner-self. colonial powers, governments and despotic regimes in order to sell out their satanic conspiracy of separation of powers, promulgated the idea the separation of religion from politics' as an excuse to to silence the muslims, quell all the Islamic uprisings and suppress societies which rose to bring about reforms. according to their concept, "Islam has no voice over any of the aspects in the economic, political and international issues and social challenges.
with the triumph of the Islamic revolution in 1979, today the Islamic republic in iran has successfully overcome all designs and plots, political, economic and military, single-handedly. iran has not only resisted the onslaught of the powerful front of unbelief, arrogance and tyranny, but has also foiled all forms of conspiracies by the united states, world zionism and their allies that tried to either destroy the bases of the Islam republic or lead it astray with all their might. today, we are observers to the great strides taken in the direction of the establishment of solid foundation of the Islamic sovereign state and achievements in the social, economic, political and cultural areas during the last two decades. all those false concepts have been proved to be futile. the Islamic republic, after a long hard march, going through numerous obstacles set up by the arrogant, oppressive international powers, after victory in an eight-year military confrontation and many other political, economic security and propaganda battles, has shown its mettle in administering the affairs of a large country. in addition, it has proved its capablity in mobilizing the masses of the people, in foreseeing and confronting great events and in its successful presence in the international scene.
the Islamic republic has also shown its competence and genius in the areas of construction and reconstruction, despite many hostile international confrontations and without receiving any political or economic assistance from others. the other accomplishment of the Islamic republic of iran include the strengthening, acceleration and the reawakening movements among the Islamic nations, which have resulted in certain great achievements of the muslims throughout the world. the reawakening process is perpetually gaining momentum in dignity and power everywhere in the world of Islam. today Islam takes more pride at its newly revived position than before. it is showing its powerful presence everywhere, kindling the flames of hope in the souls of contemporary mankind. such is the boutiful asset and wealth of treasures of the Islamic ummah. thanks to the blessed victory of Islam in iran.
yet there are great dangers ahead in the way of exploiting this everlasting asset. the two lurking perils that threaten the muslim world are, what may be termed as the internal hazards and the external threat. the internal peril is the old enemy that has often taken the shapes of a distorted conception of Islam, dogmatism, obscurantism, alienation, eclectic tendencies, hopelessness, spiritual weakness, skepticism, or a combination of all or some of these factors. the enlightened progressive people of iran, under the leadership the late great leader, imam khomeini, were made able to overcome and defeat this internal enemy completely thus paving the way for many victories at various political and military fronts for establishing an Islamic, republican sovereign state in iran besides fighting for its survival for some two decades. yet as long as external enemy is actively confronting Islam and Islamic republic, the danger exists that the internal enemy may be brought back to life, and this is a threat which is taken most seriously by the responsible leaders and officials in this country.
we have termed this the enemy's cultural encroachment' and have often warned our people, specially our youth, about it and have asked them to combat it ceaselessly. the external enemy is thus manifested by the accumulated efforts of all our enemies through the exploitation of every political weapon, all news media and publicity channels, and security instruments at their disposal for awakening the enemy within, that is, to revive the internal enemy. in fact, today the whole financial-military empire, headed by the united states of america, is utilising all the available resources not only to greatly minimize but effectively curtail the constructive influence of the Islamic republic of iran in the world of Islam. the american regime and the international, zionist network, having been frustrated by the failure of their economic and military confrontations with the Islamic republic, have now embarked upon intensified their political and publicity campaigns to influence the minds and souls of world muslims, who are sympathetic to iran. their satanic goal is particularly aimed at frustrating the faithful, iranian people. their intention is to make the Islamic republic, the very symbol of Islam's comprehensiveness, adopt a defensive position and become deprived of taking initiatives in its confrontation with the enemies; to achieve this evil purpose, they hypocritically and demagogic accuse the Islamic republic of violating human rights, freedoms and liberties, women's rights and sponsoring terrorism.
the american government speaks of human rights', while they themselves, in their arrogant dealings with weaker nations, have the most abominable record of the violation of human rights. they claim to combat terrorism' while they have some of the most dangerous terrorists under their protection. in american political idiom of judgment, the palestinian and lebanese refugees, who fight against the occupiers of their homes are labelled as terrorists. the zionist terrorists who are incessantly launching military attacks against lebanese towns and villages, who torture the palestinian prisoners by the most medieval methods, and who demolish palestinian homes and set up zionist settlements in their places, are not terrorists' but people worthy of receiving billions of dollars in aid. they speak of democracy' when they support some of the most despotic regimes in different regions of the world. they speak of freedom and liberties' while they cannot tolerate the slightest example of free speech with regard to the nature of the zionist regime, and its increasing atrocities and cruelties against other peoples, neither do they tolerate such criticism in their own country, nor anywhere else.
they speak of women's rights' while american women are being ever harassed and humiliated at home and in the office. they always boast of being the standard-bearers of democratic participation' in government, but whenever and wherever the muslim people establish a government, they try to crush them with all their might and support any military coup or political conspiracy to oust the muslim people from governing themselves. in american political jargon of judgment', a sovereign state as that of the Islamic republic, being a unique model of the strongest ties between the people and their government, whose constitution, every legal organ and establishment have been decided on free will and the free election of its people, is undemocratic'! however, some of the most tyrannical autocracies whose people have never known any election, polling or the rule of law, are acceptable to them in the least objectionable ways! the Islamic republic that has never attacked another country is not allowed to possess even conventional weapons classified as non-nuclear weapons'. however, it is legal to usurp and freeze spare-parts of aircraft and helicopters already paid for.
super saturating the persian gulf region with all sorts of unnecessary weapons and fighters, and the arming to the teeth the zionist state with all forms of nuclear weapon and other chemical weapons of mass destruction is regarded as a defensive measure. in the american jargon of publicity logic and the zionist media, the execution of heroin smugglers is a violation of human rights, but the kidnapping of the lebanese people and bombarding and the massacre of homeless villagers who have run away from their blasted homes, have no relevance at all to respecting human rights! if you help oppressed muslims in the balkan, it is against international norms, but staging military coups by the cia and mossad in different countries is respecting international norms. assisting the iraqi regime when it has attacked iran and dropped chemicals on halabche, is no offense, but sending foodstuff to the iraqi people whose children, as a result of the american blockade, starve to death at the rate of half a million a year, is a big crime! and this very american regime with such abominable past record, claims the leadership of the world. such a regime advocates a unipolar world order headed by half-willed american leaders usually trapped in their own personal follies! they wishfully try to drive the honored iranian people, their honest officials and their deeply-rooted, popular government, into a defensive position! our muslim brothers and sisters throughout the world should know that the Islamic republic system of iran is strongly and steadfastly marching along the path illuminated by the teachings of pure Islam.
the proud country, with its united, unanimous leaders and the support and solidarity of its faithful, intellectual people shall be marching on the lines drown drawn by its late grate leader, imam khomeini, and will, despite all hostile, political, economic and security conspiracies and the loud-mouthed publicity campaigns of the enemies, get closer and closer to its important goals. by the help and grace of God, the enemy was frequently frustrated in the last twenty years so will it continue to be. the iranian people, through their faith and their virtuous deeds, implored God to bestow on them his assistance, blessings and mercy in the future once again. so be it, if God will. 'in the end, i ask all our brothers and sisters, who have come from different parts of the world to gather around the beloved ka'ba to pray to God for the well-being of all muslims and the victory of Islam.