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Supreme Leader's Annual Hajj Messages 2003

"In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful "
The assemblage of Muslims in millions during the Haj ceremony is a unique phenomenon and a pure demonstration of greatness in our faith. Muslims from all over the world and from all walks of life gather together in the House of Allah and in the birthplace of Islam, where our great prophet was born. During these symbolic rites and demonstrations, Muslims learn how to tie their hearts to Allah, how to stay together soul and body, and how to rally around our common belief to one God. "Everything we do is about our unity and togetherness to curse Satan, disavow infidels and evil forces, prostrate before divine glory, profess and renew our obedience, and feel dignity and honor under the light of Islam, that never fades. The lessons we learn is about being together, Islamic fraternity, perseverance in the face of hardships and against enemies, freedom from all materialistic manifestations of life, and joining to the ocean of divine grandeur. "Haj symbolizes the model of behavior the Ummah must adopt to achieve happiness. Haj can be briefly interpreted as a purposeful and conscious journey of the entire Ummah in the same direction. Its theme is remembering the Almighty, and staying in harmony together. Its goal is to build a solid spiritual base for humankind to live a life of happiness and dignity:
Allah has made the Ka'bah, the Sacred House, a [means of] sustentation for mankind, and [also] the sacred month, the offering and the garlands. . . (5:97).
"The Muslim Ummah must seek inspirations from the model of Hajj in building the foundation of an all-out and purposeful movement. This is a crucial responsibility of all Muslim nations and states. "Over the past century, Islamic nations have endured a life of pain and anguish. Colonialism and expansionist world powers inflicted heavy losses on Muslims. They looted their wealth and resources, making them the target of their most horrific oppressions and ambitions.
"As a result of these encroachments on Islamic Lands, Muslims fell captive to colonial powers economically, politically and culturally. During this period of sufferings, colonialists benefited much from the material and human resources of Muslim nations through war, brutality, violence and occupations.
"Years after, Islamic awakening movements began to emerge. The flags of liberation started to rise throughout the entire Islamic world, opening new horizons for freedom. Finally, Islam embraced victory, as Islamic Republic was proclaimed in Iran, and a new chapter was opened in the history of Islam.
"Obviously, world powers, with all their material resources and destructive forces, will never easily succumb. Muslim nations will have a long painful way to go. However, the future ahead of us is bright and the outlook is promising. If we follow this path persistently with vigor and perseverance, we can save the future generations from the humiliation of political, economic and cultural captivity and that time will come when they can experience a life of dignity and freedom under Islam.
"This is a path to scientific and knowledge campaigns. This is a path to political struggles, and this is a path of fighting for and defending our cause. And in these campaigns, Muslims become the defenders of dignity seeking to restore their rights. It is human conscience, which consciously and uncompromisingly endorses Muslims' Jihad for freedom, and it is the divine tradition that gives them the promise of final victory:
Those who are fought against are permitted [to fight] because they have been wronged, and Allah is indeed able to help them.(22:39)
"The world arrogance, which is a complicated network of oil and arms cartels, world Zionism, and puppet regimes, have now felt the threat from the spread of Islamic movements. They have hysterically mobilized their forces to attack Islamic nations. The manifestations of new offensives involving political, propaganda, military and terrorist campaigns, can be clearly seen in the behavior, words and aggressive remarks of the military cliques ruling the United States and the Zionist regime.
"Palestinian people continue to be the target of the most barbaric and brutal crimes of the Zionists. They are being massacred, tortured, humiliated, with their property being pillaged and their houses demolished, only because they have now found the courage and the motives to fight for the restoration of their inalienable and downtrodden rights after half a century.
"The people of Iraq are facing war threats, because the United States needs to be militarily present in Iraq besides the borders of Palestine, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria, in order to dominate the entire energy resources in the region, and control all Middle East countries.
"During the past year, Afghanistan suffered heavily with bombs, missiles and weapons of mass destruction poured on the Afghan population by the American and British forces. They have been forced to tolerate the bitterness of a foreign occupation, because the illegitimate interests of the United States have been defined in this way.
"There is no doubt that the United States and its allies will fail to achieve their goals, and once more the world will witness the collapse of another empire which is intoxicated with its evil power and whims. We saw how they miscalculated the situation in Afghanistan and Palestine. However, unless the Muslim Ummah -- Islamic states and nations -- make wise and bold decisions, once again they will suffer heavy losses, and pain.
"Following Sep. 11th attacks, which still remain a mystery, the United States staged a new round of its hysteric moves using its propaganda machines. They started their campaigns by flying the flag of democracy and anti-terrorism, uttering harsh rhetoric, and preaching Islamic nations on the consequences of the development of weapons of mass-destruction or chemical weapons. Don't they think that Muslims may have questions to ask: what government or companies gave all these weapons to the Iraqi regime? Your try to justify military action because you keep saying that Iraqis had 19,000 chemical bombs in their arsenals, used 13,000 of those bombs against Iranians, and now they are hiding the remaining 6,000 bombs. Who has provided all these chemical bombs and facilities for Iraq? Is there anybody else other than you and your allies who created this catastrophe in the history of mankind.
"Don't they ever think that they can not deceive Muslim nations with their rhetoric against terrorism and against an unknown group, while supporting widely the Israelis, who proved to be the most barbaric and dreadful terrorists of the world. With these costly campaigns and hysteria, the United States has now become the symbol of lie, deceit and deception before the public opinion in the entire Islamic world.
"The United States, with all its arrogance and illusions, has not been able to realize its goals in Palestine and Afghanistan, while suffering heavy spiritual and material losses. And Insha'Allah, the course of events will continue in the same direction. "Americans say they are going to overthrow Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi regime. They are lying. Their real intention is to control OPEC, dominate oil fields in the region, provide greater support to the Zionist regime, and redouble their conspiracies against Islamic Republic of Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. The people of Iraq -- their dignity, wealth, honor -- will be the first victim of such a scenario. If the Iraqi nation and neighboring countries remain vigilant, the alien forces can not accomplish their goals, Insha'Allah. "The World Arrogance knows that the lofty teachings is the main source of inspirations for all Islamic resistance or movements towards freedom. Therefore, the enemies, started worldwide psychological war against Muslims and Islam after Sept. 11th. Although, there was strong evidence suggesting the involvement of the underground Zionist networks in those terrorist acts, they never hesitated to point their fingers to Muslims and Islam. A number of Muslims in the United States and Afghanistan were taken captives and sent to their horrific prison cells. Charges against them were never proved, and no names ever announced. But, they continue their psychological war against Muslims and Islam, and it seems that they will not stop their campaigns in the foreseeable future.
"Islam is the religion of freedom and justice. A real democracy is a religious one, that must be founded on the strong pillars of faith and religious responsibility, as it has been experienced in our Islamic country. The kind of democracy we promote is much more reliable and popular than other democracies such as the one in the United States. The democracy that Americans claim they want to offer to Islamic and Arab nations will certain bring the same devastations and losses as their missiles and bombs did. Even a single date offered by the enemy can be contaminated by poison. The Muslim Ummah in Africa, the Middle East, and West Asia have experienced all these agonies and pains all these years.
"At this sensitive juncture and at this crucial time, the Muslim Ummah need, ever than before, to seek blessings from the great tradition of Haj: a movement that embraces our purpose and spirations; a movement of awareness and universality, guiding us by the lofty principles and teachings of the Holy Qoran and on the path of Islam, as Allah says:
Those who have faith fight in the way of Allah, and those who are faithless fight in the way of the Rebel. So fight the friends of Satan; indeed the stratagems of Satan are always flimsy.(4:76). And God, the Most High, says:Moses said to his people, 'Turn to Allah for help and be patient. The earth indeed belongs to Allah, and He gives its inheritance to whomever He wishes of His servants, and the outcome will be in favour of the Godwary.(7:128)
"Seyed Ali Khamenei "Feb. 7, 2003."